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yesterday is history

tomorrow is a mystery

laura eliza
20 September
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this is some kind of documentation of my the concerns and activities of my life from my freshman year of high school to the present.
all of the exciting entries in this journal are friends-only.

arcades, architecture, autumn, bell towers, causation & correlation, chile, clock chimes, collage, craigslist missed connections, critical mass, deconstructing postmodernism, demographics, dialectics, exploring, fighting for justice, films, finding connections, fractals, free love, fruit nectar, geography, here and there, history, insisting on adventure, internets, interpreting patterns, languages, lights, live oaks, living life, logic games, maps, math and nature, my rusty bicycle, napping in parks, news feed, overgrown gardens, paper snowflakes, photography, post-k new orleans, post-show beignets, reversing entropy, romanticism, scandinavia, sensory perception, skylines, space, starting clubs, sustainability, taking action, technology, the ascensores of valparaíso, the future, the netherlands, the present, the united kingdom, time, transportation systems, travel, trees, urban planning, using acronyms liberally, walking street car tracks, wine, you and me,