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tomorrow is a mystery

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woah hey livejournal!
i have regular internet access for the time being and remembered that you exist.
it's been so long since i've used you that i think to start again is not the right choice and this crazy novel i've written here needs its last page so i can work on new volumes yet to come.
i'm gettin with the times - follow me on twitter @lauraeliza or facebook (laura borealis) or on tumblr at www.lauraborealisonline.com
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“There are definitely alligators in New Orleans. They play the trumpet.”

Transcribed by: thebeff
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“"An Eljay Voice Post is like a fossil of the Internet." - Jeph”

Transcribed by: jimmyb187
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 if i ever move to some dumb european country where people only go out to hang out with the people they already know, something that i would miss the most is the fine institution that is american bar,.
the various watering holes of new orleans are especially close to my heart.  each is speacial in its own beautiful way. they will carry you through the night; like all things in the new orleans tradition, their spirit endures and is interconnected and never-ending. the insides of bars spill out freely on to the sidewalk.  never say goodbye because new orleans never says goodbye and because you know you will see them later in the infinite night .
the city streets are not just for moving about, but are just as much places to be in their own right. sitting on a french quarter stoop or a street corner in the marigny, listening to someone play a fiddle or a trombone, drinking abita and greeting all the passerby that you know and all that you don't.  
your bicyle will take you to the next stop and through the night of the giant never-ending block party that is new orleans.
like the mississippi river that made this place what it is, the spirit of the city comes in the form of a flow strong and slow, just,as the bands and parades that dance through its streets.

in other news, i still need a job and don't know where i'm living at the end of the month.  exciting times.
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going back is different when, instead of coming home to warm and loving arms, all you have is a cold, dark apartment all alone.

new orleans tonight. 
this is the beginning of everything.
i'm gonna make it happen and won't stand for any shit that tries to get me down.

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all i gotta say is
what the fuck is goin' on
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kindergarten me loves you!!
drunk drunk
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i just want to live in an enchanted forest
dirty projectors
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my street.

snow/tropical flowers.

st. charles streetcar.

it's going to be 76 degrees the day after tomorrow, too.

in other news, i'm pretty much done with college. weird. need to figure out how to make money now. any ideas?
a lot of things in my life are generally up in the air right now. don't have to much time to work it out here, though. going home for the holidays on thursday.
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